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Chompers Express Bluefin Tuna!

The waiting game
So Mrs. Chompers and I had been fishing for BFT for two or three days straight.  Being completely tuckered out we had made the decision to take a day off.  It was a beautiful Sunday AM when we woke up and did our normal around the house errands.  I am not really sure what it was that made we check the weather sites but what happened next was fate!  The forecast was perfect; we still had a dozen ballyhoo in the freezer, so what else is there to do but head offshore!  Ya, its 10am but we have been on some good fish the previous days so we were relatively confident that we could get this done!  As I got into the truck I sent a text to the usual suspects to see if anyone wanted to hop on.  Most everyone thought we were crazy, but Craig grew up for fishing BFT and he shares our obsession!  We got to the boat, headed off to Hoffmans to grab a tote of ice and off we went.  The guys at the fuel dock at Hoffmans asked if we were overnighting when we responded no, they looked at all the gold reels and gave us the "your crazy" look.  And off we went.

It was about a 35 mile ride to where we last landed on the BFT, we got to where we hoped to find fish and realized that we were not so lucky.  The good thing about running one of the best center consoles on the water is that we have the ability to cover some ground!  We took off for the horizon heard a faint voice on the VHF calling for "Chompers".  Immediately we recognize it is John from Reel Tight Sport Fishing on the radio.  He was very faint and we caught just about every third word.  But we heard "epic.....tuna......tuesday"  This was just enough to figure out that John was on fish where we had them with him the past tues.  We quickly punched up the lat/long and off we went.  The GPS was telling us it was 16NM.  As Laurajane and Craig brought in lines and secured the deck we prepared for a quick ride.  Chompers cruises comfortably in just about any seas that we fish in at 31-32knts.  But today we were motivated and we set off taking a 2' chop on our starboard quarter at 36knots.  This is one of the reasons that we love our Regulator.  With the deep v hull and the huge bow flare we can afford to put the bow dow a tad and as they say "let the big dog eat".  With about 6 miles left we tuned in our Simrad 4G broadband radar; and we saw only one target.  And it was the target we were looking for, johns wicked 31 Cape Horn!  One of the features of Radar is what they call MARPA.  This basically allows you to acquire a target and the radar tracks the movement of your target and tells you your relative speed and course.  Using this along with our integrated autopilot we were zoned in!

Once on the grounds it took us all of 5 mins to get hooked up!  It was just Chompers and Reel Tight on some pretty unreal tuna fishing.  After John got us targeted in the pulled in their gear and headed for home!  Time, after time, you hear of people talking about the friendships and "brotherhood" of fishermen offshore.  We have fished with John and his crew a bunch and we can always count on them for that critical "find me" call on the radio, you can't meet a nicer guy on the water and we are happy to return the favor!

Enjoy the video that Craig put together of our trip.  It was a great day on the water, we had a mission to prove that the express BFT could be done!  Mission accomplished!!

Last Modified: February 10, 2015