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About us:

We love to fish, we love to catch and we love to release big fish!  The original Chompers sailed out of Atlantic Highland, NJ, until super storm Sandy came along and had other plans.  In october of 2014 we were very lucky to upgrade from our Regulator 29 FS to a Regulator 34 CC.  In the closing months of the 2014 season we were able to bloody the decks plenty with tuna from the 100sq to striped bass up and down the beach.  As well as taking 2nd place overall in the HiMar 40 hour fall striped bass tournment as well as the largest fish in the tournamnet, as well as Lady Angler honors!

James and Laurajane spend well more than 400 hours a year on the water and find getting offshore to be one of the easiest ways to literally unplug from the hustle and bustle of the corporate world.  Captain and mate or mate and captain (you take your pick) but spending time together catching and releasing fish is very high on our priority list.

Aside from chasing big fish we really enjoy sharing the great fishery that we have with our friends and followers.  What we are interested in doing is teaching other fishermen some of the things that we do and that we feel we do very well.  If you would be interested in learning how to perfect your striped bass trolling with wire line and bunker spoons or you are interested in how to become a better mid shore Bluefin fisher-person give us a call.  And if a true blue water canyon experience is that you are looking for Chompers is a great platform to get you their quickly, comfortably, and safely.    

About the boat:

One thing is for sure you will be hard pressed to find a better equipped 34 Regulator on the planet.  Twin 16" Raymarine glass panel GS series displays provides our navigation gear featuring, an Open Array Radar, satellite weather as well as AIS class B transponder/receiver.  We cover communications with two fixed mounted Icom VHF radios as well as an Inmarsat satellite phone for fishing offshore.  She is a fishing boat and Raymarine's CP450 CHIRP sounder brilliantly handles her fish finding duties. One of the most recent additions is a Iris Innovations Night Runner 295 providing pan, tilt and zoom, thermal and low lux nighttime navigation.

Chompers is powered by twin Yamaha 350 outboards.  We typically find oursleves cruising between 31-35 knots depending on conditions.  And if we absolutely have to get somewhere in a hurry, 48 knots is not out of the question!  But speed without comfort equals misery.  Regulators are known for their ride, as well we have a small air conditioned berth on board with a full head, if and when needed.

Where we fish:

Fishing out of Central New Jersey has its pluses and minuses.  We are minutes away from a world class Striped Bass fishery, and you can see Chompers on the grounds nearly every day at dawn or at dusk (some times both) getting in a few hours of fishing before or after a busy day in the office.  We call these express trips. One thing for sure is that we are either leaving in the dark or coming home in the dark. Our Motto is "9 fish by 9 o’clock".  On the other hand it would be tough to choose a location on the east coast that requires longer runs to get to the offshore pelagic species.

About our gear:

When it comes to fishing tackle we have been asked if we own a tackle store or if we have a tackle "problem” as we firmly believe that you can never have enough!  Inshore all of our Rods are Phenix. Kevin Bogan custom makes all of our Offshore rods using Calstar Blanks.  We are big fans of Talica reels and have smaller versions for bass fishing and larger model two-speeds for offshore fishing.  We have been delighted to partner with some really great companies.  The Reel Seat in Brielle, NJ, provides all of our reels, inshore rods, line, bait and terminal tackle.  We also have a number of its spreader bars in our spread from time to time as Dave and his team have forgotten more about fishing then we will ever know.  Sterling Tackle makes the majority of our tuna plastic baits in the form of spreader bars, chains, and dredges   Steve and Sterling make a unique splash spreader bar that seems to raise fish for us center console guys who don’t have 40’ outriggers 18 to 20 feet off the water.  For bass fishing some people would say that trolling is our speciality.  We have been working with Eric at 9er lures since the beginning as well as an assortment of "spoons" depending on conditions".  If we are bass fishing and trolling is on the menu these lures are surely in our spread.